• AC-Clearing


Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching for a variety of purposes, including:

* ATV Trails

* Horse Trails

* General Clearing

* Walking Trails

* Clearing for Fence/Survey Lines

* Utility Purposes

* Clearing For New Construction/Perk Sites

* Small Tree Brush Reduction

* Clearing For Parks and Recreational Areas

* Returning Land to Pasture Field


What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry Mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to grind and clear all vegetation, brush or trees (up to 8 inches thick). Our equipment uses a rotary drum to chip and shred vegetation into mulch and return it (and its nutrients) to the soil.


Forestry Mulching is the most Eco-Friendly Land Clearing Process Available
Many land clearing processes (such as using a dozer/backhoe/trackhoe) may
damage the land, destroy top soil or cause land erosion.


Instead of using equipment that may destroying your land, let me use our top of the line equipment and eco-friendly forestry mulching equipment to clear your property with minimal disturbances to the ground.


About our equipment:

State of the art equipment, eco-friendly


Our equipment uses knives rather than carbide tips, cutting 40% faster and
has a 74-inch cut (taking less time to complete your job)

Our new forestry head grinds up brush and trees (up to 8" thick) into mulch
without tearing up your land. 

Largest forestry model skid steer with the most horsepower avaliable on tracks.

The fastest and most economical way to clear land

This method saves top soil, burn piles and erosion; returning nutrients
to the soil and safe for septic systems!